Tammy Sytch

In just two short years she went from being a little known heel manager to being the most popular figure in Professional Wrestling. Take a look at the career of Tamara Sytch.

Tammy Sytch
Real Name: Tamara Sytch

Arguably the most popular female Professional Wrestling manager ever, Tamara Sytch began her wrestling career in 1993 with Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion. She threatened to file a sexual discrimination suit unless she was hired as a manager.

Using the name Tammy Fytch, she began managing Brian Lee in his heated feud against Tracey Smothers. She quickly led Lee to the promotions Heavyweight Title (by interfering and providing Lee with a foreign object for the win.) Her reign as wrestlings most hated woman was about to begin.

Tammy next began providing aid to wrestler Chris Candido, (who is actually her boyfriend in their private life) while continuing to oversee the career of Lee. Eventually a feud would develop whereby Tammy would be forced into the ring to take on Dirty White Girl Kimberly. After being attacked and stripped of her clothing after one match, Tammy was rescued by a blanket carrying Candido. Realizing that she needed his ring talents, Tammy teamed Candido with Lee and the pair won the promotions Tag Team titles.

When the team lost the tag belts to the Rock and Roll Express, Tammy fired Brian Lee and focused on Candido’s aspirations for singles success. This paid off when Candido, with interference from Tammy, defeated Smothers to become the NWA World Title holder.

With her sights set on bigger achievements, Tammy would ultimate move to the World Wrestling Federation, forming the Bodydonnas with Candido. In making the move, Tammy also changed her name to Sunny – a name which would soon be known throughout the wrestling industry.

Sunny would find initial success in the WWF by teaming Candido with Tom Pritchard and the duo won the WWF Tag Team belts by defeating the Godwins for the title (aided by Sunny, who distracted to Godwins by showing her “assets”.)

She would later turn on the Bodydonnas and managed the Godwins and the Smoking Guns when they were Tag Tam champs.

At this point her popularity had skyrocketed so much that she did not have time to attend to any wrestlers career.

Along with winning the WWF Slammy award, Sunny also graced the cover of several wrestling magazines and became so popular, her pictures were the most downloaded images on America Online’s service.

Sunny gained notoriety in the sport by using her intelligence and sharp to enrage wrestling audiences but she fame has grown immeasurably because she has combined it work her beauty and demeanor, making her one of the most popular figures in Professional Wrestling today.


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