Missy Hyatt

She has served as a valet for wrestlers in almost every federation in Professional Wrestling and has retained great popularity wherever she has gone. Take a look at the career of Missy Hyatt.

Missy Hyatt
Real Name: Melissa Hiatt
Stats: 5′ 8″ 129 lbs.
Born: October 6, 1967

Missy Hyatt (real name Melissa Hiatt) began her career in Professional Wrestling in 1985 in the World Class Wrestling as a valet for Hollywood John Tatum. She followed him to the Universal Wrestling Federation where she later worked with her then-husband Eddie Gilbert.

Missy gained fame when she moved to World Championship Wrestling in 1990, working as a television commentator and often as a valet.

Her stint in WCW came to an end in 1994 when she was fired by the promotion. Her expulsion came after an incident where at a live event, Missy excitedly jumped up and down on the Ring apron and inadvertently “popped” out of her top. When a photograph of the scene was allegedly taped to a wall at the offices of the parent company of WCW, Missy filed suit for sexual harassment.

Since leaving WCW, Missy has worked as a commentator in the American Wrestling Federation and as a valet for the Sandman and Shane Douglas in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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