Kimberly Page

Known by some as the wife of wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, she has moved from playing the role of the bingo winning Booty Babe to that of an accomplished model and dancer. Take a look at the woman we now know as Kimberly Page.

Kimberly Page
Real Name: Kimberly Page

What do you do when you are beautiful, talented, athletic and sexy and are being wasted in a stupid storyline? If you are Kimberly Page, you go back to the drawing board and recreate your role in your own true image. That is exactly what Kimberly did and since then she has become one of the most popular and well known personalities in World Championship Wrestling.

After initially appearing as “the Diamond Doll”, a bingo playing millionaire and then as “the Booty Babe”, a sidekick for the Booty Man, Kimberly ditched such nonsense and began to display more of her true self.

Kimberly Page possesses three qualities which have gained her enormous popularity from fans: Intelligence, (she is a graduate of Northwestern University) Beauty, (she is a model, having been featured in Playboy magazine and is a former Ms. Fitness contestant) and Talent (an accomplished dancer, she heads up the Nitro Girls dance group.)

On top of these attributes, she is also married to one of the biggest stars in the Professional Wrestling industry, Diamond Dallas Page.

Look for Kimberly to broaden her career even more as she continues to make her mark in the Professional Wrestling industry.

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