Considered by many to be the first lady of Professional Wrestling, Elizabeth Hewlet is known to the world to be the beautiful Miss Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Hewlet entered the world of Professional Wrestling as the manager of her then-husband Randy “the Macho Man” Savage. They entered the World Wrestling Federation together in 1985 and their careers took off immediately.

Known as Miss Elizabeth, she quickly guided Savage to the Intercontinental Championship. After he lost the belt to Ricky Steamboat (in what many consider one of the greatest matches ever) at Wrestlemania III, Eventually they would set their sights on the the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.
In 1988, Savage won the WWF World Heavyweight Title, defeating Ted DiBiase in a tournament at Wrestlemania IV. When Savage suffered a beating at the hands of opponents in the Ring, Elizabeth ran to Hulk Hogan for help. As she became the manager for Hogan as well, she united him with Hogan as the Mega Powers. This alliance broke down in a dispute over Elizabeth.

After her divorce from Savage, Elizabeth retired from the sport but returned in 1995 and eventually became a member of the New World Order.

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