Buff Bagwell

Buff Bagwell

After six years as a fan favorite, Marcus Alexander Bagwell took a big step towards stardom by becoming a full fledged heel and joining the NWO. Take a look at his career skyrocketed and then crashed and burned.

divider-1Buff Bagwell
Real Name: Marcus Bagwell
Stats: 6′ 1″ 240 lbs.
Born: January 10, 1970


Buff Bagwell - wrestlingbiographies.comMarcus Alexander “Buff” Bagwell – Standing 6′ 1″ and weighing 240 lbs., Bagwell has been described as a Georgia redneck and a pretty boy to boot. However he might be described, Bagwell is a powerhouse of talent and ability and is destined to become a huge star in the sport.

Bagwell began his career in 1990 performing under the name of Fabian in Georgia All Star Wrestling where he teamed with Chris Walker to capture the federations Tag Team belts. One year later he moved on to Global Wrestling where he worked under the persona of the “the Handsome Stranger.” His good looks made him a popular figure in the organization, causing World Championship Wrestling to take notice. In 1992, bagwell moved to the WCW where he began his career as a tag team specialist, teaming up initially with 2 Cold Scorpio. The pair eventually captured the WCW Tag Team championship, proving to be a popular team. After Scorpio left the organization, Bagwell won tag team gold again, teaming with the Patriot (under the name Stars and Stripes) and with Scotty Riggs (as the American Males.)

In 1996 Hulk Hogan helped form the New World Order of wrestling and eventually gave an open invitation to all WCW wrestlers to move over and join their ranks. The first to step up was Bagwell, who soon made the transformation from the well-liked babyface to the strutting, arrogant southern heel.

In 1998, in front of a national television audience, Bagwell was temporarily paralyzed by a move executed by Rick Steiner. Early fears were that he might never walk again but with great determination and avid support from his family, friends and fans, Bagwell returned to the ring the next year

While Bagwell has found himself a bit lost in the crowd of superstars in the WCW, it is likely he will one day soon find himself the star of the show and “Buff” will be “the stuff”.

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