Bret Hart

Bret Hart

“The best there is, the best there was, the best there will ever be!” So Bret Hart claims to be.

A member of the famous Hart wrestling family, Bret is the family’s greatest champion, winner of the WWF Intercontentinetal, Tag Team and Heavyweight Championship belts.

divider-1Bret Hart
Real Name: Bret Hart
Stats: 5′ 11″ 235 lbs.
Born: July 2, 1957
Bret Hart -

A member of the most famous family in Professional Wrestling, Bret Hart is thought by many to be the most technically sound wrestler in the sport today. While in the WWF, Bret has held the Worlds Title, Intercontinental Title and Tag Team Title (with his brother-in-law Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart.)

The son of star wrestler (and former Canadian Football League star) Stu Hart and Helen Hart (daughter of Olymic athlete Harry Smith,) Bret began his career in Calgary, where he hails from. Other wrestlers related to Bret are his brothers Bruce, Dean (now deceased), Keith, Owen (now deceased), Ross, Smith and Wayne. Furthermore, Bret’s brother-in-laws include the British Bulldog and Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart.

Bret began his career in 1985 and as a member of the Hart Foundation (along with brother in law Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart) became a tag team champion when the Foundation defeated the British Bulldogs (brother-in-laws Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid.) Bret won the Intercontinental Championship in 1991 when he defeated Curt Hennig.

In the fall if 1992, Bret defeated Ric Flair for the WWF World Heavyweight Title and has defended his title against all comers, including Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna and finally his brother Owen.

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